By Law you must have an asbestos management plan such as that provided by an asbestos survey conducted on any non-domestic property that is over 8 years old. OK, but what’s the worst that can happen if you don’t comply with the law?

As well as potentially putting at risk the health of your staff and customers, the duty holder could be liable for any or all of the following:
» Closure of the premises
» Personal fines of up to £20,000
» Disqualification from Directorship
» A custodial sentence

These might sound like extreme measures but asbestos is potentially a very dangerous substance – currently in the UK, 3,500 people die each year as a result of exposure to asbestos.

In addition, many insurance companies may refuse to renew your policy unless you have identified any potential asbestos risks and developed an asbestos management plan.

Our comprehensive survey conducted by qualified professionals, identifies any risks and recommends, what action if any, is required.

In addition to the peace of mind that protecting the environment andcomplying with the law brings, you could also benefit from lower insurance premiums and improved resale value. Insurance companies can invalidate a claim if an asbestos register is not in place.

Asbestos Survey

We are independent Asbestos Surveyors carrying out Asbestos Survey work to help companies comply with the recently up-dated asbestos survey legislation “Control of Asbestos in the Workplace” 2006.

All of our staff who carry out Asbestos Surveys are qualified to the appropriate level to produce an Asbestos Building Survey under the current regulations.

Types of Asbestos surveys

There are two different types of Asbestos surveys:
Management surveys
Refurbishment and Demolition surveys

Professional Asbestos Inspection services

All of our Asbestos surveyors are highly experienced and qualified to both the basis P402 and more advanced S301 award, eventually gaining CCP (Certified Competent Person in asbestos) status.

We provide independent analysis using UKAS accredited laboratory services ‘We offer a full and professional asbestos surveys. We will survey your premises, take samples of suspect materials, have them laboratory identified, then a report can be made of all the findings.

The Asbestos Survey Report will contain photos, a plan of your site with details of where samples were taken from and where Asbestos was found making it easy for you to pass on the information to others, such as maintenance contractors etc. We also advise you on the best form of asbestos removals services if required.